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Howard Reich

Among the best recordings :

Scott Earl Holman with Ira Sullivan : " HE WILL BE IMMANUEL " ( crumblehead )

..... an all-star list of Chicago jazz musicians - including drummer Paul Wertico and guitarist John Moulder - it's no wonder this music piques the ear. These musicians improvise freely and poetically with Wertico's inventive drum work and Sullivan's flights on soprano saxophone and trumpet of particular interest. So this isn't holiday music to hum along with or tap your toe to - it's far to free ranging and exploratory for that......

Interview with Mike Jeffers _

Chicago Jazz Revealed 

broadcast September 11 , 2013  WDCB  

Chicago Jazz Revealed is produced by Chicago Jazz Magazine. A must read for  the jazz enthusiast.



 Thank you toChicago Jazz Magazine and Dan Healy for the great review of "ODE".   ( may / june issue )

 Chicago Jazz Magazine is a must read for every Chicago jazz enthusiast.



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100 percent of the profits are  going to the homeless, hungry and those in serious need.

I've been putting it together since may 2010 and it's finally here !

7 time grammy winner Paul Wertico on drums .

John Moulder on guitar.

Brian Peters on bass.

This recording also features solos by chicago greats

 Mark Colby,

 Frank Catalano, and 

 Chris Madsen .

And then the final icing on the cake is special guest , a world renowned jazz legend ,

Ira Sullivan who not only plays solos but performs the spoken word.

This CD won't disappoint !!




 Thank you to Mr. Yasukuni Terashima  and Terashima Records . 

 'Faith And Works' is cut number 5 on....

  41ojLbjbeUL__AA115_.jpg 'For Jazz  Audio Fans Only Vol. #3'  

"Mr. Yasukuni Terashima has written many books in Japan. "Begin to listen to this song in Jazz!", "My favorite 100 albums ", "Listen to new Jazz", and so on." He was approached by Disc Union to assemble his favorite jazz cuts for a compilaton CD . It's success has led to volume 3 and we're glad to be on it ! 



Date: 2010-02-08
'Don't Wake The Kids'

 A small masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Scott Earl Holman touches every key with pure magic. The bass & drums embrace the melody & rhythms with sensitivity and grace. This is one album to be cherished. Helen Simons _ JazzXpress Community Radio BayFM 99.9 Australia

Date: 2010-02-08

   This 2009 release has an edge that comes out of the colaboration with Paul Wertico (drums) and Larry Gray (bass). The energy between the players and during their solos is blistering. These musicians are risk takers. So hang on and take the ride!  Another gem from Scott Earl Holman.

The following is an english translation using free online translator the original german article is below the english. Thank you Dr. Bocker for you kind words.....


( article )

 Tobias Böcker for jazz platform, Germany Augsburger Allgemeine, Jazz Podium, Jazzzeitung _ jazz platform, jazz newspaper 2009-11-22 04:02:01

His first studio CD since the highly praised 1997 (again recently reissued) disc "Don't Wake The Kids" is faithful to the quiet tones. Larry Gray at the bass and Paul Wertico at the percussion celebrated jointly with Holman on "Faith And communication piano trio jazz pursuing the higher cause", touching, humanly, vulnerable and in a very personal statement of the participants. Only slightly over three hours that three were in the studio, without samples, without arrangements, without any preproduction, however in the confidence on the intuitive power of mutual listening. The determination "This is jazz for the next century" is carried in no way presumptuously – the deep authenticity of the music wipes every suspicion relating to this aside... Tobias Böcker for jazz platform, Germany Augsburger Allgemeine, Jazz Podium, Jazzzeitung _ jazz platform, jazz newspaper 

(original article in full )

2009-11-22 04:02:01 

 Der Pianist Scott Earl Holman lebt nach zwanzig Jahren in Miami seit 1990 in Chicago, trägt als Musiker und Organisator einen guten Teil zur dortigen Szene bei. Mit seiner ersten Studio-CD seit der hochgelobten kürzlich wieder veröffentlichten 1997er Scheibe „Don’t Wake The Kids“ bleibt er den leisen Tönen treu. Gemeinsam mit Larry Gray am Bass und Paul Wertico am Schlagzeug zelebriert Holman auf „Faith And Works“ komunikativen Pianotrio-Jazz der Extraklasse, berührend, menschlich, verletzlich und in sehr persönlichem Statement der Beteiligten. Nur knapp über drei Stunden waren die drei im Studio, ohne Proben, ohne Absprachen, ohne Vorproduktion, allein im Vertrauen auf die intuitive Kraft gegenseitigen Zuhörens. Die Feststellung „This is jazz for the next century“ ist keineswegs überheblich – allein die tiefe Authentizität der Musik wischt jeden diesbezüglichen Verdacht sacht beiseite – sondern von der hoffentlich berechtigten Überzeugung getragen, dass Zeit der Marktschreier nicht mehr lange währen kann. Tobias Böcker for Jazz Podium, Germany


Scott Earl Holman Trio

 Featuring Eric Hochberg on bass and 7 time grammy winner Paul Wertico on drums

 2 shows 8  pm & 10    

 ChicagoJazz Showcase has been bringing the world's most famous musicians to Chicago since 1947.  Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes, Phil Woods, Dave Holland, McCoy Tyner, David Sanches, Pharoh Sanders, Heath Brothers, Danielo Perez, Ira Sullivan, Von Freeman, Eric Alexander, Joey DeFrancesco, Jack Dejohnette .... and the list goes on. Hope you can make it ! !

Peter Merrett PBS 106-7 FM Melbourne Australia Scott you have definitely produced an incredible companion to your first cd we received. "Faith And Works" is a broody, moody master piece of exploratory Jazz. Adventurous and extremely engaging, ably led by your exquisite piano, add to that Larry Gray and Paul Wertico and we have an electric combination exploring the boundaries Then redefining them. At times time stood still and notes were suspended in space adding to the tension and emotion of this cd, all in all a brilliant cd. Bravo on a wonderfully stylish album. Due to your generosity we have four copies of your cd, the allocations have been made to the following specialist shows ........... 1. Roots Of Rhythm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Helen Jennings, Wednesday 9 to 11am. 2. Jazz On...
Paul Abella _ WDCB _ FM 90.9 _ Chicago, Il. Barry O'Sullivan _ BLU FM 89.1 _ Australia Jacques Perrichon _ WJAZ. _ 91.5 _ RADIO PLURIEL _ France Tom Bingham _ "General Eclectic" WCVF-FM _ Fredonia , N.Y. Larry Blood _ KUSP-FM: _ Santa Cruz, California Ilan Oz _ Radio show, Judaica FM90.2 (Brussels area) Belgium Eric Cohen _ WAER - 88.3FM _ Syracuze, New York Claude Colpaert _ Radio Campus _ "jazz à l'âme" program _ France Dioni Piatkowski _ JAZZ RADIO fm _ Poland Francisco M. López Herrero _ LA OTRA ORILLA _ Barcelona, Spain Tony Wickham _ Radio Maldwyn _ UK Vasja Ivanovski _ 94.1 FM RADIO 2 _ Skopje, Macedonia Bruno Pollacci _ Animajazz , PISA - ITALY Pascal Dorban...

Andy's remains one of my favorite jazz clubs in Chicago whether just to hang or to perform, it's the real deal. If you are visiting from another country or state , this is a 'must stop' on your calander. Friday February 13, 2009 Featuring John Moulder on guitar and Rick Shandling on drums.

Saturday February 14 , 2009 VALANTINES DAY @ Andy's piano trio featuring Richie Corpolongo on tenor sax and the great Robert Shy on drums.


Scott Earl Holman Trio
all Tuesdays in February & March. ( Except Fat Tuesday 2/24 ) (847) 330-5500 Featuring Brian Sandstrom on bass and Rick Shandling on drums. This is a great, classy room with beautiful Kawai grand piano and state of the art sound system. Jazz is alive and well in Chicago

Scott Earl Holman Quartet @ Pops For Champagne Friday February 20, 2009 Saturday February 21, 2009 Though 'Pops' has been around for decades, this is their newest location downtown. The atmosphere is singular. To enter the club you go downstairs and you immediately realize that this is the jazz atmosphere you've always seen in the movies. Though the location is somewhat new, the wonderful Yamaha piano remains unchanged. Featuring Richie Corpolongo on sax Fri.20th Scott on piano Brian Sandstrom on bass Rick Shandling on drums
Jim Gailloreto on sax Sat.21st  Ted Schmuldt on guitar and Rick Shandling on drums Scott on hammond organ


Scott Earl Holman Trio ( 7 time grammy winner Paul Wertico will join us on drums on January 10th .
On February 13, John Moulder will join us on guitar. It will be an Hammond organ trio ) Friday January 9 _ 5pm - 8:30 pm Rob Amster on bass Rick Shandling on drums $10 cover Saturday January 10 _5pm - 8:30 pm Rob Amster on bass Paul Wertico on drums $10 cover Friday February 13 _5pm - 8:30pm John Moulder on guitar Rick Shanding on drums Scott Earl Holman hammond organ $10 cover Saturday February 14 _ VALENTINES DAY _ 5pm- 8:30 pm Rob Amster on bass Robert Shy on drums $10 cover

7 time grammy winner Paul Wertico will join us at 'Andy's' on Monday, oct. 27th. From 5pm - 8:30pm. There is a $ 5 cover. Paul is one of my favorite drummers on the planet. Also very happy to feature Rob Amster on bass.

Scott Earl Holman trio All the mondays in September & October One of Chicago's oldest jazz venues . ( hubbard & state ) 5 pm - 8:30 pm Another great jazz room in Chicago where you can hear national artists as well .

Scott Earl Holman Trio - featuring Paul Wertico


featuring Paul Wertico on drums ! Rob Amster bass , Larry Gray, bass  and Rick Handling drums

Wednesdays in August .Great new jazz room in Chicago. The new 'Pops' on the corner of state & ohio has a wonderful jazz club downstairs with that nice grand piano and wonderful atmosphere.We'll be there all the wednesday nites august 9pm -12am TRIO.


Scott Earl Holman trio featuring 7 time grammy winner Paul Wertico on drums and Larry Gray on bass. 2pm to 3pm free concert outdoors Location: Lake Ellyn Park 645 Lenox Road (Lenox Road and Linden Avenue) Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 90.9fm WDCB Public Radio and McAninch Arts Center (MAC) at College of DuPage present "Jazzin' at the Lake" FREE This music festival is produced as part of the Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts.

Thanks to Richard Good for kind words and air play of 'Dont Wake the Kids' ( see press & review section )
(Mid June Release) This is a great CD that was recorded in 3 hours of trio Dec.3, '08. I'm very happy to be joined by 7 time grammy award winner Paul Wertico on drums and world renowned bassist Larry Gray. We played together for the first time as a trio without a rehearsal and it sounds like we've be playing together for years.If you are a drummer or a bass player there is alot to sink your teeth into on these trio takes. Larry is on 'Live @ Delaney & Murphy's' with me. And I played with Paul before, but never the three of us.The piano streams (spontaneous compositions)were laid down about an hour before Paul & Larry got to the studio. We actually hit our first note about 9:50 pm and were done at 1am. I decided to add some synth strings to the trio ballad and that delayed...

Thankyou to Carina Prange in Germany @ JAZZ DIMENSIONS . The review is in the review section of this page with a link to the renowned jazz magazine.



Carina Prange _ Jazz Dimensions (Germany) _

..... evoking atmospheric change through small shades. Whether it concerns trio pieces or solo piano- excursions like "The Thought", it's always clear: Holman is a master of the small, fine tones. One that delicately interweaves stories knows, what it has to say and yet must never raise the voice. The natural authority makes it speak. This album is an exceptional, subtle work. 

Die Vorstellung, diese Musik würde live und ganz leise irgendwo im Wohnzimmer gespielt, während ein Stockwerk drüber die Kinder schlafen, hat was. Und tatsächlich, hier muss man nicht die Lautstärke am CD-Player unnötig aufdrehen: die Eigenkompositionen des in Chicago lebenden Mannes aus Pittsburgh, PA wirken auch, wenn sie ganz leise erklingen.

Denn Pianist und Komponist Scott Earl Hamilton versteht sich – hier gemeinsam mit dem ausgezeichneten Bassisten Pawel Jarzebski und dem filigran aufspielenden Drummer Rusty Jones – darauf, durch kleine Nuancen atmosphärischen Wandel hervorzurufen. Ob es sich dabei um Triostücke oder Pianosolo-Ausflüge wie "The Thought" handelt, stets ist klar: Holman ist ein Meister der kleinen, feinen Töne. Einer, der zart verwobene Geschichten erzählt, weiß, was er zu sagen hat und doch niemals die Stimme erheben muss. Die natürliche Autorität macht es aus – sozusagen.

Holman lebte knapp zwanzig Jahre in Miami und schrieb für die wöchentliche Children's Show "Arthur and Company" die Musik. Es kommt also ganz und gar nicht von ungefähr, dass "Don't Wake The Kids" mit diesem Coverbild Kinder magisch anziehen dürfte und der Bezug zu den jungen, kleinen Menschen gegeben ist. Dieses Album ist ein herausragendes, feinsinniges Werk.



Checkout the new review from George Harris in the 'REVIEWS' section of this site.

Lotta of fun yesterday @ Sebastian's. Thanks to Rusty Jones, Nick Tountas, Frank Portolese, George Bean, Rick & Debbie Shandling, Marc Pompe,Harold Wilson, Bill Walsh, Jay Cohen, Ed & Nancy Friz, Kathleen King, Jim Schmidt, and all of the jazz fans who showed up. Scott

Hey everybody ! Alot of good things goin on here. The Crumblehead Re-release, 'DON'T WAKE THE KIDS' is going great . After only one month it is being played worldwide. So far about 20 different countries.


Delaney & Murphy's going well also. You can read extensive reviews at I Hope you are all doin well and I look forward to seeing all of you soon. Scott


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